Family of Fahd Armored Vehiles

The Fahd Armored Personnel Carrier



The Fahd Repair & Rescue Vehicle


The Fahd Armored Ambulance

The Fahd-208 Dual-turret Vehicle


The Fahd-280/30 Armored Fighting Vehicle


The Fahd Armored Command Vehicle




   A 4-wheel-drive, multipurpose armored vehicle. It has excellent cross-country mobility and can traverse fine-sand dunes and work in tropical, sandy climates.

  The flexible design of the vehicle allows its adaptation to different applications to satisfy many military requirements, such as border security and patrols, fighting, command vehicle, troop transportation and ambulance. Consequently, the vehicle is equipped with different additional equipment to suit these requirements.

  This vehicles design offers very good capabilities for surveillance and engagement from within the vehicle. All vehicle apertures are well-sealed to allow the installation of an N.B.C protection system. The inclined angles of the hull ensure the highest protection of the vehicles crew. Moreover, all apertures are provided with armored glass with armored covers. The vehicle is equipped with a tyre-pressure control system to enable the vehicle to deal with all operational conditions.

Family of Fahd vehicles

   Personnel carrier

   Personnel carrier with light turret

  Armored fighting vehicle

  Command-post vehicle

   Mine dispensing vehicle

   Ambulance vehicle

   Recovery and repair vehicle

   Anti-riot vehicle

Dimensions and Weights:


6    m

2.45   m


2.85   m

Overall weight

15  tons

 Pay load

 5 tons



Max. road speed

100    km/hr

Average speed on track

60 km/hr

Max. range on roads

700 km

Max. range on tracks

450 km

Max. vertical slope

70 degrees

Max. side slope

30 degrees



Mercedes Benz 4-stroke diesel engine with turbo charger

Power 280 hp   at  2200  rpm