The Sakr Eye Missile system


 A lightweight, short-range anti-aircraft missile system with infrared passive homing guidance.

 This system is used against air targets at low altitudes. It is characterized by simplicity of operation and high mobility. The Sakr Eye can either be deployed as an independent man-portable air defense system, or it can be easily integrated into a more complex air defense matrix.

 The system can be mounted on light or armored combat vehicles. It can also be fitted with an IFF unit and a night vision device.

The main components of the Sakr Eye system are the missile, the launcher and the grip stick. To insure the functionality of all system component and improve system overall availability, a mobile test bench is used in the field to perform diagnostic checks on all system components.



Missile weight

9.9   kg

Missile caliber

72   mm

Launcher length

1500   mm

Launcher weight

3.6   kg

Max. target speed for pursuit engagement

280   m/sec

Max. target speed for headon engagement

150   m/sec

Target altitude range

502300  m

Max. effective range

4200  m