Kader Factory



Civil Products

Vehicle Outfitting:

·   Fire fighting & rescue vehicles (fire fighting; rapid intervention; heavy & medium airport fire fighting trucks; heavy, medium & light rescue trucks; fire fighting and rescue ladders).

·   Armored vehicles (money transporters, VIP vehicles).

·   Environment protection equipment (garbage collection & compression trucks; street sweeping trucks; sewage clearing, vacuuming & disposal trucks; tilting & fixed box trucks; agricultural waste recycling lines; rice-stalk presses; agricultural waste transport tractors.

·   Internal fittings for railway and Metro coaches)

·   Wood products (internal fittings for schools, laboratories, universities, offices & tourist villages).

·   Plastic products (engineering products produced by injection, compression & blowing).

Military Products

Armored Vehicles:

·   Fahd-280 armored vehicle.

·   Kader-320 light armored vehicle.

·   Tiger light armored vehicle.

·   Outfitting of military vehicles:

- Mounting of 120mm mortar on M-113 armored vehicle.

- Add-on armor for armored vehicles, including the M-113.

· 1500 Fahd armored vehicles have been produced.

· 654 fire and rescue trucks of different configurations have been produced for civil organizations & airports



·   Address: 2 Al Tayaran St, Nasr City, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.

·   POB: 287 Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

·   Telephone: (202) 24024319, (202) 24024324, (202) 24024325.

·   Fax: (202) 22608718, (202) 24020986.

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